Frequently Asked Questions

What size should I order?

You need two measurements. Measure the length of the largest hoof. Length = from the tip of the toe to the end of the heel bulbs. Width = the widest width of the hoof. The best way to measure is to use a flat ruler laid across the bottom flat of the hoof. Measuring tapes can work but not as well as a ruler.

The socks are sized in inches, but cm conversions can easily be made by going here.

Warmblood/Thoroughbred cannot fit over a hoof that measures more than 7”x7” width/length with a shoe. If the horse does not wear shoes, the socks may fit 7.25”x7.25” hooves without shoes. If your horse’s hooves are larger than 7”x7” width/length with a shoe, please Contact Us to discuss having socks custom made.

Choose the size based on a hoof measurement:

Hoof LengthHoof WidthRecommended Sock Size
4.75"4.75"Sport Pony
4.5"4.5"Sport Pony
4.25"4.25"Sport Pony
4"4"Sport Pony

Standard Donkey – If you have a standard size donkey
Miniature Horses/Donkeys
Mammoth Donkeys: Go by hoof measurement above.
Mules: Go by hoof measurement above.

Some horses can fit in between sizes. Socks can be custom fit. If the hoof measures too close to the top end of one size but the next size up is too large, order the larger size up. Go to this link for instructions on how to customize a fit for your horse – Adjusting The Sox For A Perfect Fit.

How do I measure the hoof?

Using a flat ruler from your desk or a tape measure, pick up the largest hoof. Looking at the flat, bottom of the hoof, measure from the front tip of the toe to the end of the heel bulbs. It is a straight line from the front to the rear of the hoof. Include the bulbs because they must also go through the socks. Then turn your ruler width-wise and measure the widest width of the hoof. Those are the two measurements you need.

How many socks do I need?

We recommend a set of four (4) socks as a good start. If you are using the socks for fly protection, they need to be washed every 2-3 days to keep the elastics and yarns optimized; one set will have all 4 legs protected.

If you are using the Silver Whinnys™ as a bandage/barrier for dermatitis or injuries, the socks must be changed daily and replaced with clean, dry socks. If only two legs are involved, one set of 4 socks will provide 2 socks on and 2 socks clean and ready, but this will require you to machine wash and dry a pair of socks daily. If 4 legs are involved, you will need two sets of 4 socks so that one set is on and one set is clean and ready.

Sox For Horses, Inc. offers pairs for those wanting to replace older socks with new ones. A pair of socks could be a choice if you are not sure if your horse will accept the socks. Used pairs are not refundable.

If you need the socks as a bandage/barrier for dermatitis or injuries, one pair is not enough. You would have to leave the legs unprotected while the socks are being laundered. When the socks are used as a barrier/bandage, they must be replaced every 24 hours. If the weather conditions are constantly wet and muddy, the socks must be changed twice a day to keep the silver action optimised in the socks.

Are the socks the same front and back?

Yes. There is no difference. Silver Whinnys™ can go on either the front or rear legs.

Which is the top or bottom of the sock?

The bottom of the sock that covers the top of the hoof and the back of the pastern is called the “Foot.” It has a colored finishing thread. Warmblood/Thoroughbred has red thread, Quarter/Standard has green thread, Sport Pony has yellow, and Standard Donkey has blue. The “foot” of the sock has a very obvious flare to it.

How do I put on the socks?

For fitting instructions, head to Fitting Silver Whinnys™.

How do I take the socks off?

For removal instructions, head to Fitting Silver Whinnys™.

The socks I purchased don’t fit my horse, how do I return them?


Your horse, like many, may love the socks but Silver Whinnys™ don’t feel like anything your horse has ever had on its legs. They fit like a new skin, not a bandage or wrap. They might take a bit to get use to. Put on 1 pair the first day and DO NOT ADD ANY MORE SOCKS TILL THE NEXT DAY if your horse is doing well with the first pair. Add the second pair early next day when the socks and horse can be observed for a while. As you know, new things can emotionally overwhelm horses. Experienced horsemen and women know an easy gradient to all things new is the path to stress free acceptance. If a horse is to have any issues, it will usually be with the rear leg socks. As with any leg wear, the socks should be at least checked for adjustments in the mornings and evenings. Call us before using them if you are in doubt about fit. Only special order “custom-made” socks will fit draft or draft cross horses! CUSTOM MADE SOCKS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. Don’t use all of the socks on your horse until you know the first pair will work for your horse. SFHs will only refund 30% of your purchase price on used socks. New-unused socks will be refunded at 100% of your purchase price. You must return the socks for replacement, or refund within 30 days of your purchase. Returns must include a copy of the packing slip or purchase receipt. The cost of shipping and handling is not eligible for refund nor is return shipping. Exchanges can be made with an additional payment for shipping and handling. Items that have been previously replaced because of a sizing exchange are not refundable. If you have any questions about the socks, a refund or exchanges, please Contact Us.


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